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Our offers

1/2 day initiation: 55 € / person

Different courses offered by the level of the participants.

Stroll along Vénéon:

Very fast whole itinerary that reveals the hidden side of the plain of Bourg-d’Oisans and banks Vénéon to the village of Venosc.

Start and finish (loop): Bourg d’Oisans – 720 m
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 28 km
Elevation gain: +371
Vertical Drop: -371 m
Highest point: 961 m
Lowest point: 717 m

The plain of Le Bourg d’Oisans

Beautiful circular walk around the plain of Bourg d’Oisans for the family.
At Rochetaillée, the remains of a Roman road carved into the rock height remember a lake, the St. Lawrence, covered the plain 800 years ago.

Departure / Arrival (loop): Bourg d’Oisans 720 m
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 18 km
Elevation gain: 148 m
Vertical Drop: -148 m
Highest point: 749 m
Lowest point: 711 m

Around the Plateau d’Emparis

Small incursion on the Plateau Emparis overlooking the dam and Lake Chambon.
Up and down gently on a 4×4 track.

Departure / Arrival (AR): 1190 m Mizoen
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 7 km
Elevation gain: 700 m
Vertical Drop: -700 m
Highest point: 2400 m
Lowest point: 1190 m

Day Out: € 105 / person

The Singuigneret loop

Climb to Plateau d’Emparis by pastoral track before lunch in refuge
7 km descent on a varied path.
The climb is gentle on a rolling ground. panoramic view of Lake Chambon, Glacier and Puy Salié Meije.

Two options down to the level of participants.
Dining refuge.

Start / finish (loop): 1190 m Mizoen
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 24 km
Elevation gain: 1164 m
Vertical Drop: -1164 m
Highest point: 2310 m
Lowest point: 1190 m

The Besse loop

The climb to the plateau Emparis by pastoral track is quietly facing a rather grandiose panorama. The descent by the GR 54 to Besse makes great piloting should let a wide grin on his face once down. For the beginner, the 4×4 track down gently.

Passage by the communal bakery and Besse oven artisan bread.

Start / finish (loop): Besse-en-Oisans 1550m
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 14 km
Elevation gain: 756 m
Vertical Drop: -731 m
Highest point: 2263 m
Lowest point: 1550 m

Col ​​de Sarenne via Puy-le-haut

Start / finish: 1190 m Mizoen
Duration: 4h
Distance: 24 km
Elevation gain: 1200 m
Vertical Drop: 1400 m
Highest point: 2000 m
Lowest point: 930 m

Exit 2 days: € 195 / person

Roaming on the Plateau Emparis: Between Ecrins Massif and Massif des Cerces.
Views and vistas of glaciers and peaks of Écrins. Discoveries perched singles Oisans.
Between 2000 and 3000m vertical drop per day with full board and accommodation in a refuge.
Courses adapted to the level and number of participants.

Rates on request.

4 to 7 days raids: on quote